5g transatlantic lab
Spots are limited!  We'll be revising applications on a rolling basis,
so we recommend you to apply as soon as possible!
who is it for

The lab is open to anyone with an interest in improving children's experience at the hospital: creatives, storytellers, educators, technologists, psychologists, etc!​


We'll accept up to 300 participants (applications are recommended to be done in teams of

3 people but we also accept individual applicants) and we'll create a total 50 teams of 6 people.

Selection criteria:

- Diversity

- Multidisciplinarity

- Commitment

- Motivation

- Level of detail of the application

Matchmaking process


We have created a Linkedin group where you can network

and find potential team mates from both cities. Also, every Friday we have a live event

where you can join to interact "face to face" with other people interested.


Before applying,

read the challenges!


You will need to select your favourites when filling the application,

so make sure that you read about the 5 different verticals and select

the ones that motivate you the most.


Applications are recommended to be done in teams of three people based in Barcelona or Boston, but we also welcome individual applications.
Once you fill the application form, we'll add you to our Linkedin group where you can meet other participants and potential teammates!
Also, every Wednesday we'll organise Live events for all the applicants to interact with potential teammates face to face!
Upcoming events:
April 21st_ 19h BCN/ 13h BOS
April 28th_ 19h BCN/ 13h BOS
May 5th_ 19h BCN/ 13h BOS
May 12th_ 20h BCN/ 14h BOS
May 19th_20h BCN/ 14h BOS
spots are limited!
Applications will be revised on a rolling basis,
make sure not to miss your spot!
5g transatlantic lab 2021