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5g transatlantic lab 2022
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On-boarding Document

Document with all the relevant information regarding the Hackathon logistics - click here

List of mentors available

See our site "Speakers & Mentors" - they are all available in our Discord community. 

Judging Criteria

Here is the evaluation criteria of the Hackathon:

Innovation (25%) - Is this project pushing forward the boundaries of what we know?
Value Proposal (25%) - Would this project have a direct and measurable impact on humans’ health? Does it leverage the use of real data?
Feasibility (25%) - Is this project feasible in the short or mid term? Does it have a clear market fit? Is it scalable economically?
Team Work (25%) - How well has the team been able to make the most of each others skills
to build and create a solid project, and a conceptual prototype that helps explain their work


By Sunday 27rd at 18:30h CET / 12:30h ET (30 minutes before the semifinals pitch), you need to submit:

- PitchDeck (slides)_ We do not expect a particular structure for your pitch, but we'll provide a template for those who need it + we have masterclass schedule Sunday at 15h CET/ 9h ET)

Here you can download a sample deck.

- 30/60 seconds concept video (WE DO NOT NEED A PROTOTYPE) a concept video simply helps illustrate your idea. Here's a couple of examples: SIA / AMPLITUNE XR

For the pitching session, you will have 5 minutes to present your PITCH + 2 questions from the jury

Link to all the MURAL templates from

Garage Stories - click here

Document to learn how to use Mural tools here.

Sample deck- click here

Zoom Links

Calendar with all the inspirational masterclasses (February 14-24th) - click here

On-boarding Document

Document with all the relevant information regarding the Hackathon logistics and the mentor role - click here

Best practices

Document with best practices to mentor teams online - click here

Zoom Backgrounds

Here you can find some backgrounds that you can use during the Hackathon to visually describe your skillset - click here